These normally ship in a separate package from your grow kit(s) and may take a couple days longer to get to you.

If you're starting one of our grow kits in a cold or dry climate, it's a good idea to have some humidification of the air surrounding the kit. We stock these just so that our customers will have an inexpensive way to provide just that. We recommend a minimum of 50% relative humidity to grow mushrooms. You'll still want to use our humidity dome and misting bottle to get your kit started but these can help a lot if the air is really dry in your house.

The first time you use this humidifier, you need to fill the water reservoir, put the top back on and let it sit for about a half-hour before it'll operate. It needs to absorb the water into it's wick and then will start pumping out a little stream of fog when it's ready. These come with a power cord but require a USB power source to operate. If you have any issues with yours, please email

Mini Humidifier for Grow Kits