Mushroom Sherry Cream Sauce

Mushroom Sherry Cream Sauce

There's nothing better than combining some mushroom umami with dairy fat and there's no better way of doing that than making a mushroom cream sauce. This sauce is super simple and super delish. Find yourself something pretty close to these ingredients and shovel this sauce onto some fresh pasta for an umami tsunami to the Nth degree.

Olive Oil

Salt & pepper

1/2 lb fresh mushrooms (oyster, shiitake or maitake)

2 TB butter

2 diced shallots

1 tsp porcini powder or 2 TB of our Mixed Mushroom Powder

1.5 cups sherry

1/2 cup heavy cream

Salt and sauté the mushrooms in olive oil until they brown a little. Add the butter and shallots and brown everything together. Add the sherry, mushroom powder and some black pepper, then cook the liquid down to about half of its original volume. Add the heavy cream and give it another minute or two in the pan. Spoon it over some fresh pasta (we get ours from Flours Pasta & Bakeshop) and enjoy that heavenly blend of mushroomy creaminess, sweet sherry and crave-able carbohydrates. Now go do some crunches because that dinner had about a million calories. 


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